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Child Custody

Child Custody actually involves two main issues under the Texas Family Code, conservatorship and what is referred to as possession and access. Conservatorship is what rights a parents has to a child, typically parents are named "joint managing conservators" but this actually has nothing to do with the amount of time that the parents see a child. There are often situations where a non-parent is named as a conservator of a child and given the legal right to make decisions for a child, including the decision of where the child is going to live. It can be very helpful to have an attorney help you navigate what type of conservatorship to request from the court and know what must be proven in different types of conservatorship matters. 

What many people think of as "custody" is actually referred to as possession and access in a Texas Family court order. A possession and access schedule can be very broad and give parents lots of flexibility or it can be very narrow and require supervision of time spent with a child. At the Law Office of Margaret McCroan my goal is to help my clients get a possession and access order that makes the most sense for their family. 

If you have any questions about child custody, conservatorship, or possession and access in Williamson County or the surrounding areas call the Law Office of Margaret McCroan and we can schedule a time for a free phone consultation. 

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