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Child Support

Child Support can lead to a variety of issues. Whether you need help with enforcing an order in place, getting an order put in place, modifying an existing order, or defending yourself in an enforcement action, the Law Office of Margaret McCroan can help.

Knowing what the Texas Family Code says about Child support is important in deciding how to proceed when child support is at issue in a case. Many times, people who are faced with attending a hearing with the Attorney General can feel intimidated and unsure of how to handle their child support matter. At the Law Office of Margaret McCroan my goal is to help take some of the uncertainty out of the process for my clients by fully explaining the process and zealously advocating for them in court to get the best outcome possible. 

If you have any questions about a child support matter in Williamson County or the surrounding areas call the Law Office of Margaret McCroan for a free phone consultation. 

Child Support: Services
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