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Texas Family Code Chapter 162.501 Adult Adoption

Sometimes a situation arises where an adult wants to be adopted by another adult. It may not be something that many people think about, but as far as adoptions go, adult adoption is by far the easiest adoption to complete. This blog is going to attempt to briefly describe the adult adoption process.

Who Can Do an Adult Adoption?

A consenting adult can be adopted by any other consenting adult who wants to adopt them in Texas. The adoption has to be filed in the county of the adult who is requesting to adopt another adult. There are no real restrictions on which adults can adopt other adults outside of consent. The judge does not have any discretion in whether they grant a properly requested adult adoption.

What Is Required to Complete an Adult Adoption?

Unlike other adoptions, an adult adoption does not require any type of background check for either party; the only exception to this is when a request for a name change of an adult is combined with the petition for adoption. An adult adoption does not require any type of home study to be completed or any type of court appointed attorney to be appointed for the adult being adopted. Basically, the adult wanting to adopt files a petition that complies with the family code, the adult being adopted files a written consent to the adoption, and both parties attend a hearing in front of the judge where the judge grants the adult adoption.

What Changes After the Adoption is Complete?

The main change is obviously that the adult that was adopted is legally the child of the other adult. The adult who is adopted has inheritance rights through the adult who adopted them as though they were their biological child. An important change that happens as a result of an adult adoption is that the adult that is adopted no longer is entitled to inherit through their biological parents. Also, the biological parents of the adopted adult cannot inherit through the adopted adult after an adult adoption.

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